Fall Plant Walk in Frick Park


Sunday, September 25th


Do you find yourself walking by plants without even saying hello? Would you like to get to know the shy, unassuming, friendly plants that you share a city with? Join Moirin (of Bridget’s Apothecary) and Nick (of Butter Hill Farm) for a fun and informative plant walk! We’ll be talking about what inspired us to get to know plants better, how to identify common plants of this area, which ones have edible parts, and how to harvest/prepare them, and the historical and practical uses of plants as medicine. This event is rain or shine, please dress for the weather! Let’s go for a walk!

We’ll be meeting at the Lawn Bowling building at Frick Park located near the corner of Reynolds Street and Carnegie Pl.
Find the may HERE

$5 – 10 sliding scale.

Find the Facebook event: HERE

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