Fall Tree Walk

Sunday, October 20th 1-3pm Bartlett Playground in Schenley Park 

Join Moirin Reynolds and Nick Lubecki for a fun and informative tree walk! We’ll be talking about what inspired us to get to know trees better, how to identify common trees of this area, compare lookalikes, which trees have edible parts, and how to harvest/prepare them, natural arts and crafts using tree parts, and the historical and practical uses of trees as medicine. This event is rain or shine, please dress for the weather. Let’s go for a walk!

$5-10 Sliding Scale 

No pre-registration required.

Bitter Medicine

Humans have a long standing tradition of using bitter and aromatic herbs in cocktails or elixirs before or after meals, as a digestive aid, to open up the palate, or help encourage digestion of fatty foods.  They can be incredibly delicious when blended well with aromatic herbs.  Bitter tastes have a way of grounding us, putting us into the present and into our bodies, which can be helpful in so many ways, including nervous system issues (think: anxiety).  Bitter flavors can also help our natural digestive secretions work better and and help us digest more easily.  When mixed with yummy tasting aromatics, you’ve got a winning combination for wellness!  In this class we’ll discuss how bitters can improve health, beginning bitters for sensitive palates, ways to get more bitter flavors into our diets, the history of using bitter tonics, and how to make your own blend of aromatic bitters. Everyone will take home a ½ ounce amber bottle of aromatic bitters they blended for themselves during this class.

I will have a variety of prepared bitter and aromatic tinctures for us to taste and blend with for your customized bottle.

October 27th 1-3pm Garden Dreams $25 includes custom bitter blend to take home.

*This class includes tasting tinctures made with alcohol, it is not appropriate for individuals avoiding alcohol.

Conifer Medicine

Conifers are usually tall evergreen trees. In our region, we all grew up calling them “pine” trees, but that’s not entirely accurate. We’ve got hemlock, spruce, fir, pine, and more! Most of them can be used in a similar way for medicine. And because they often keep their needles throughout winter, they offer many of their gifts to us year-round. Come learn about the ways you can work with these majestic trees. We will be making a conifer elixir, and everyone will get to take home a beautiful one ounce amber jar of this beneficial and delicious liquid.  I will supply the alcohol, the conifers, and the local honey for your take home elixir!

Sunday November 10th 1pm-3pm $25   We will start at the Penn Ave entrance of the Allegheny cemetery.  We will end at Bantha Tea Bar where everyone will make and take home a delicious conifer elixir.

*The elixir normally contains alcohol, but this recipe allows for substitutions.  Please let me know in advance if you’d like to use vinegar or glycerin instead of alcohol when making your conifer medicine to take home.



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