Growing a Medicinal Tea Garden


Sunday, April 29th                1-3 pm                $15 (incudes 1 seedling)

Is this the year you grow your own medicinal teas? Growing an herbal tea garden is a great way to connect with herbs and use them for more than just seasoning for your cooking. Spring is the perfect time to think about which herbs you’d like to have with you the entire year.  In this class we’ll focus on medicinal herbs that work well dried and blended for tea. We’ll talk about which herbs can be beneficial to our health. We’ll be focusing on herbs that grow well in our region, and take a tour through Garden Dreams garden beds, and seedling selection to get your imagination going. Some tips and tricks for growing, drying, and preserving your herbs will be included so you’ll be stocked on herbs all year long! 1 herb seedling is included in the cost of this class.

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